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  • Grew up in Harrisburg, PA.

  • Started playing organized football when I was five. 

  • Got the nickname "Shady" from my mom because of my frequent mood swings.

  • My brother LeRon & our family dog Zeus were my first coaches.

High School 

  • By 2003, I was the leading running back for Bishop McDevitt High School in Harrisburg, PA.

  • As a junior, I rushed more than 2800 yards and scored 30 touchdowns.

  • Heading into my senior year, I was offered 78 scholarships and was ranked #1 football player in the country. 

Losing it all. . .

  • September 25, 2005, the fourth game of the season we played against Harrisburg High.

  • In the fourth quarter of the game, I suffered a compound fracture of my ankle, jeopardizing my professional career as well as the numerous scholarships I received. 

New beginning

  • While attending Milford Academy, I was afforded an opprtunity to switch and play for Coach Wannstedt at the University of Pittsburgh. 

Getting it all back

  • Declared for the 2009 draft, I became the 4th running back selected in the 2nd round to the Philadelphia Eagles.

A new chapter

  • The start of my second season with the Eagles, I was named the starting running back and have continuously worked to break and make new records.

  • A March, 2015 trade landed me to the Buffalo Bills of New York.

  • September 2019, I joined the Kansas City Chiefs & our team went on to win Super Bowl LIV.

  • In 2020, I played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers & our team went on to win Super Bowl LV.

  • October 1, 2021 I retired as a Philadelphia Eagle.


Click below to watch the full story at E:60 The Real McCoy

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