LeSean McCoy Encourages Micah Parsons to Join Philly

October 26, 2023

Athlete Studio

Micah Parsons' weekly show on Bleacher Report, “The Edge,” has generated plenty of discussion and headlines. Parsons, known for his unfiltered opinions, never fails to say what he thinks and stand by it.

In this week's episode, the Harrisburg native and Dallas Cowboys star made a surprising declaration, naming the Philadelphia Eagles as the best team in the NFL at the moment. This isn't the first time Parsons has praised the Eagles, disregarding the intense rivalry between the two teams. He even expressed his hope for the Eagles to win the Super Bowl last year.

Parsons' openness has sparked debates and playful banter among fans. Some have even speculated that deep down, Parsons might secretly want to be an Eagle.

Harrisburg native, former Philadelphia Eagles star LeSean "Shady" McCoy, shared his thoughts on Parsons' choice during his media appearance on FS1. McCoy, who now has a successful career as a media personality, smiled and said, "If Micah feels like the Eagles are the best team in football, who am I to argue with him?"

"He's just being honest," McCoy stated with a big grin on FS1's "Speak." "It sounds like he wants to be an Eagle. That's what it sounds like, and we've got room. If he wants to come, he can come."

Parsons' top five teams included the San Francisco 49ers in second place, followed by the Miami Dolphins, Baltimore Ravens, and Cleveland Browns.

McCoy disagreed with Parsons' rankings, saying, "Maybe he's being honest, but he should have had the Chiefs in there. I don't know how the Browns made that list. The Browns are doing good, but the Chiefs should have been at least two. Eagles one, you gotta put your boys in there. You gotta have the Cowboys in there. That's your team."

However, McCoy acknowledged that Parsons speaks his mind and believes that the Eagles are the best team based on what he sees and feels.

McCoy concluded by reiterating several times that he couldn't argue with Parsons' choice for the top team.

"He says we are the best," McCoy said confidently. "So, we are the best."

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