LeSean McCoy Enjoying Physicality from Training Camp

August 22, 2023

Athlete Studio

LeSean McCoy has made his feelings about the Dallas Cowboys clear, often times raising his concerns with the franchise and their overall performance. Despite this, McCoy came out defending the Cowboys as of late after some healthy competition has been reported to breakout during the preseason.

Famous for his time as the leading rusher for the Philadelphia Eagles, McCoy has maintained his aversion to the Cowboys in his role as a broadcaster at Fox Sports. However, as worries arise about the heightened intensity during the Cowboys camp, particularly due to a string of altercations led by linebacker Micah Parsons, McCoy stepped up to support both the defender and his fellow participants.

"This is a part of football," McCoy said as a panelist on the Fox Sports 1 debate program "Speak." "You put all these alpha males together, right, put on equipment, and it's a tough man's game. ... We are trying to bang. We want to hurt each other, that's what it is. So, to think that there's not going to be fights is crazy. There is going to be fights!"

McCoy's remarks mark a somewhat unexpected shift, given that he was prepared to cast doubts on the Dak Prescott era when the star quarterback engaged in verbal exchanges with defender Trevon Diggs earlier this summer. Given the shared origins of McCoy and Parsons in their hometown, it's probable that McCoy possesses a heightened sense of appreciation and respect for Parsons.

"That boy is from Harrisburg, PA," McCoy says with a smile. "That’s how we get down."

On Saturday night, Parsons and the Cowboys will get a chance to let out some of this pent up energy as they head to the Pacific Northwest to play the Seattle Seahawks'.

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